Online casinos have the particularity of offering their customers a very wide variety of games. However, these are not at all the same in terms of profitability. It is therefore in your best interest to choose one game over another, taking into account your abilities. If you want to know the most profitable online casino games, continue reading this article.

Video poker

If you're a fan of casino games, it won't have escaped your notice that video poker ranks high among the most popular games. We don't think this love for the game is due to its ease or availability. It's probably because of its rate of return. Indeed, video poker offers its winners up to 99.92% return on investment. It is clear that players looking to win would not want to miss out on such an opportunity. That said, to win you have to apply yourself and master the different strategies. Nothing is won in advance.


This widely used dice game in casinos has always attracted many followers. If you know the specifics of this game, you can come out with a nice jackpot after your games. Indeed, craps players have the privilege to get up to 99.40% of profit rate. However, it must be said that the majority of casinos lower this payout slightly. They usually offer 98.90%, which is not bad at all. Nevertheless, it is not enough to focus on the probable winnings to throw yourself into the game. The most important thing is to know how to play well in order to increase the chances of winning.


Good old Blackjack is not lagging behind when it comes to high return online casino games. With a return on investment of up to 99.87, this game deserves its place in the hearts of players. And as with the previous games, this huge payout does not happen by chance. It is always necessary to take the time to know the game, to train and even to fail before you can feel the pleasure of winning.