Online football is a very exciting game. It has millions of players all over the world. If you are a football fan and you often play the game without having the expected success, you should know that there are some techniques you can use in order to get some control over the game. In this article, we give you tips to help you win at efootball.

The camera angle

As PES has evolved over time, some aspects have improved significantly. For example, the angle of the new camera in current PES, gives you a very wide view of the field of play. This gives you the impression of watching a real match on your TV set. To be effective in the game, it is important to master this new camera. It has the advantage of giving you a larger and clearer view of the game. It makes it easier for you to read your opponent's game and study his different positions.

The ball movement

In football, the construction of the game, is the best way to get into the opponent's half and score the goal; although counter-attacks are effective in surprising your opponent. Having possession of the ball gives you confidence and allows you to develop your game. It is not about taking the ball and running straight at the opposition goal. It's about making short, precise passes. Don't hesitate to go backwards if you find it difficult to move forward. In any case, it is better to have the ball, rather than running after it.

Do less fancy things

It's true that the game provides enough pleasure, so that carried away by your performance, you feed the desire to try new things. This often leads you to do a lot of fancy things that can be fatal to you. It is important that you are controlled and that you behave as a professional would. There is no need to try to do complicated things. A simple but precise game will help you win more often. You can become unbeatable at the game, if you add to all this other tricks like defensive repositioning, dribbling. You should also pay attention to the form of your players.