What could be better than making money while having fun? Yes, it is possible to make money by staying at home and playing video games. But first, you need to have some information to know how it works. To know everything about it, we invite you to read this article.

Getting paid to play

There are platforms these days that offer viewers the opportunity to watch other people play live. These can be professionals or just amateurs. The Twitch platform, for example, has become a master of online video game streaming. In recent years, it has generated several tens of millions of euros. You can have a share in this windfall. To do so, you must be a Twitch partner. And a Twitch partner has to fulfil some conditions such as: having at least 50 subscribers, having a minimum of 500 minutes broadcasted over the last 30 days, having an average of at least 3 viewers over the last 30 days etc. Once you are a partner, you can start broadcasting your games live on your channel so that they can be seen from everywhere. To win, choose games that interest viewers, be respectful and patient to get a strong audience.

Create your blog

It is possible for you to set up a video game blog that will make you earn money. Through this blog, you can share your experiences, tips and advice to your readers. It is also a very effective way to express your opinions on the gaming industry. It can also allow you to receive the latest versions of games from publishers in person, free of charge. You can also offer paid training courses to interested people. There are still other ways to profit from your passion for video games. You can consider starting a YouTube channel or creating video game tutorials. You will see that, apart from the fun aspect, there are other benefits to be gained from doing this.