From Thursday 10th.Nov (6:00PM) to Saturday 12th.Nov (5:00PM) 2016
(Followed by a party all night long)


Zoo Machines Game Jam will be back very soon !


You still don’t know Zoo Machines Game Jam? Well, it is never too late to make up you rmind!

By joining the Jam, you’ll dive deeper into experimental games, crazy custom-made controllers, installation-based games and amazing interactive experiences by working during 48h with an interdisciplinary community of talented developers and artists . This is about making experimental games, exchanges, trying unique experiences and meeting new people!


Restrictions: 40€ to register to the jam (this fee covers fresh cooked meals including 3 dinners, 2 lunches and 3 breakfasts + snacks during three days). If you can't afford it and really needs a discount, get in touch with us using Twitter, Facebook Group or our e-mail. We have a very limited number of reduced tickets for those who are motivated to join but can't really afford it.

Location : L’imaginarium, 99 A Boulevard Constantin Descat, 59200 Tourcoing, France


Concretely, this is the process :

  1. Firstly, you register and we will announce the theme several days before the jam
  2. Secondly, when the jam starts on Thursday, everybody can pitch one or several ideas in front of all jammers.
  3. Thirdly, all jammers select and vote for the approximatively 12 to 15 best projects ideas.
  4. Fourthly, jammers spread into 12 to 15 teams to develop each concepts. Teams are often made of people who don’t know each other before.
  5. Fifthly, the challenge starts. Everybody get delicious food during 3 days while thinking, discussing, working and crafting on their projects.
  6. Sixth, on Friday evening the community will have a full evening, night and morning to take a dedicated stage to spred experiences, ideas, feelings, discoveries and perform it in front of anyone in any forms they want.
  7. Seventhly, on Saturday when the jam ends, every teams display their games in the venue. We’ll start a full night to play all games prototypes and to celebrate this edition.
  8. Lastly, after the breakfeast on Sunday morning, everybody pack up, clean their corner and leave the venue before noon, exhausted but full of joy and fulfilment (based on previous participants feedbacks!).


Why Zoo Machines Games Jam is so special?

  • Game jams allow to get out of daily commercial constraints and to let creativity operate. What makes Zoo Machines special is that we gather people who want to challenge themselves not only with original and fun games, but also to create an art form that does not exist yet, that questions the medium and our habits, that makes cross-over between different fields of play, art, interaction, design.
  • Instead of being limited by conventional controllers (keyboard, mouse, pad), gaming standards, traditional approaches for games, we invite participants to experiment by disturbing uses and players’ habits, by interact with others artistic or technical sectors, by giving new purposes to controllers and objects.
  • For instance, those unexpected experiences rely on thinking differently input-output systems. Participants bring their controllers, build new ones, hack old ones. Their use analog-digital interfaces. Working with an architect, a musician or a choreograph, they might questin space, presence and bodies. They produce a pure art installation, or a game with 6 mouses or with gesture recognition.
  • Projects are innovative, as ambitious as crazy. Therefore, jammers are a community for support and skills. It is not about competition but collaboration


What about the logistics?

  • Jammers bring their own material : computers, devices, furniture, bed and pillow.
  • You can can park you car in secure area during the whole event or you can also easily come by subway from Lille.
  • We supply great fresh food, snacks and drinks all day and night long, and we support you for (almost) any need.




They love us


"Lille did rock! If you are looking for the perfect space to breed great games and meet fantastic people, the Zoo Machines is your with this perfectly organized jam!"
Jana Reinhardt

"Zoo Machines is unlike any other game jam I've ever attended. The focus on teams connecting hardware and software to make genuinely new interactive experiences. I've never seen games that were so much about laughter, testing boundaries, and changing the way we look at familiar things."
Adam Saltsman

"Since my first game jam, I've always found it amazing how a group of strangers can so quickly create something out of nothing. We walk through a wonderful zoo, with machines instead of animals."
Jonathan van Hove

"Zoo Machine is the most inspiring event for interactive creations. It pushes games beyond games towards pure digital art beauty. Zoo machine is a human and digital LSD trip to creativity."
Matthieu Muller

"Clay, wood, plastic: no matter the material, the participants at Zoo Machines will miraculously transform it into an experience you probably haven't had before."
Chris Priestman


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