Zoo Machines will exhibit games and will make a screening



Every year, Zoo Machines Festival is also a time for winning favors of both accustomed video games players and also uninitiated visitors, children and adults.

It is important for us to be an opened gaming community. Last year we have been exhibiting each game installations in Lille at "Le Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde" a "geek culture bar" and at "L’Hybride" , a location for alternative culture and cinema. Both venues were perfect to make bridges with lovers of other cultural fields. The next exhibitions date and venues will be announce soon here.





They love us


"Lille did rock! If you are looking for the perfect space to breed great games and meet fantastic people, the Zoo Machines is your with this perfectly organized jam!"
Jana Reinhardt

"Zoo Machines is unlike any other game jam I've ever attended. The focus on teams connecting hardware and software to make genuinely new interactive experiences. I've never seen games that were so much about laughter, testing boundaries, and changing the way we look at familiar things."
Adam Saltsman

"Since my first game jam, I've always found it amazing how a group of strangers can so quickly create something out of nothing. We walk through a wonderful zoo, with machines instead of animals."
Jonathan van Hove

"Zoo Machine is the most inspiring event for interactive creations. It pushes games beyond games towards pure digital art beauty. Zoo machine is a human and digital LSD trip to creativity."
Matthieu Muller

"Clay, wood, plastic: no matter the material, the participants at Zoo Machines will miraculously transform it into an experience you probably haven't had before."
Chris Priestman


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