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Zoo Machines Festival missed you! The new edition is announced for the 4/5/6/7/8th of November!

10 special guests will present their innovative projects, initiatives and approaches in arts, games, production and distribution. It's all about sharing new ways to create digital games, to impulse creativity and to inspire you!

Zoo Machines is also a super-duper Game Jam! You will develop and build incredible new game experiences. Crazy controllers, amazing installations, games without screens, everything and anything is possible!

When the games are done, we'll party and share these new experiences together!

This year, forget the rain, coal mines and red brick walls! Although it is November, we will bring you to the seaside, hot weather and intense encounters at the Imaginarium in Tourcoing. Indeed Zoo Machines will stand for fresh air, new horizons and a beautiful sun rising on game experiences!!

Take a few days off for a creative vacation and join us in building our very own video game sand castle!

Further information and registration are coming very soon! Stay tuned!

4th: Unity Day in partnership with Zoo Machines Festival

5th: Talks

5th > 7th : Game Jam

7th: Party

8th: Before leaving you can have a look at a games exhibition in Lille



zoo machines 2014 12 unexpected games

This 2014 edition, the first to be called Zoo Machines, was a great millesime!

First of all, an inaugural session of talks was introduced this year: ten speakers were invited to testify about their initiatives in front of 150 attendees.

The game jam was full of surprises, with 12 non-competitive projects led by 70 participants. The results were amazing: experimental games, physical games, art performances digital art installations, with or without screen, with weird controllers…

We were glad to see that the prototypes have met their audience since 800 visitors came to play the prototypes at L’Hybride and at the Natural Science Museum, surrounded by animals and skeletons. The crowd was eclectic: traditional video games players, audiovisual amateurs from L’Hybride, parents with their kids…

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artgame weekend 4 logo

It was the fourth annual edition of a game jam which have started in Paris as a French national game jam where different artists and game developers gathered altogether to prototype weird projects and experimental stuffs in game.

This event has given an opportunity to different kind of creators to collaborate on very unique game projects. Between 8 to 12 a year, among them some get good visibility and had a long life few years after the event (e.g. Type Rider, Generations). Every year we try to add or modify something in the whole event, it can be the theme, the constraints or the way the event is organized on the weekend or even the material we provide to the participants.

In 2013, we chose to let the 70 participants think up new ways to interact with game re-using controllers and designing acts of performance. "Think art, Use controllers, Make a game, Play with us!" was the claim of the event.

And amongst all facilities we provide to set up the best creative framework for the participants, the first moment of an ongoing chain of enthusiasm about the Artgame Weekend is made by the venue where the jam took place at L'Imaginarium @La Plaine Images in Tourcoing. The former textile manufactory was rebuilt to an inspiring, modern work space with an amazing area to work, enjoy and to display projects.

Read more: EDITION 2013
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They love us


"Lille did rock! If you are looking for the perfect space to breed great games and meet fantastic people, the Zoo Machines is your with this perfectly organized jam!"
Jana Reinhardt

"Zoo Machines is unlike any other game jam I've ever attended. The focus on teams connecting hardware and software to make genuinely new interactive experiences. I've never seen games that were so much about laughter, testing boundaries, and changing the way we look at familiar things."
Adam Saltsman

"Since my first game jam, I've always found it amazing how a group of strangers can so quickly create something out of nothing. We walk through a wonderful zoo, with machines instead of animals."
Jonathan van Hove

"Zoo Machine is the most inspiring event for interactive creations. It pushes games beyond games towards pure digital art beauty. Zoo machine is a human and digital LSD trip to creativity."
Matthieu Muller

"Clay, wood, plastic: no matter the material, the participants at Zoo Machines will miraculously transform it into an experience you probably haven't had before."
Chris Priestman


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